XTL MARINE invites you to join us at the 25th ANNIVERSARY Dubai International Boat Show 2017

  • February 9, 2017

With the beginning of the new 2017 comes the most anticipated maritime events in the Middle East, Dubai International Boat Show celebrating its 25th anniversary. XTL MARINE will once again have a commanding presence at this event with its distinctive, displaying their most innovative, tailor-made products and services lying at the pinnacle of luxury yachting.


Mr. Neeraj Kumar – Director at XTL MARINE adds, “This event is the most important yacht show for us in this region, securing new contacts and yachting opportunities for seasons to come. We are delighted to announce our new partnerships with France Helices, Sunergy Solar, Smartgyro & Docking Master. Our partnership will also play a pivotal role in expanding our presence in Middle East and we look forward to working closely together“



FRANCE HELICES since 1977. From research to worldwide after sales service, FRANCE HELICES controls every aspect of manufacturing. Surface Drive Systems and provides a complete package. SDS system is trimmable and steerable, having the advantage to have the hydraulic part inside the ship for an easy and low cost maintenance. Our SDS drives can equip ships up to 40 meters or 120 tons. FRANCE HELICES team of engineers is assisted with Computational Fluid Dynamics Software and latest 5 axis CNC machinery in order to control every aspect of class-S propellers manufacture process to perfection.



Introducing the best energy storage technologies of MK –DEKA batteries, the future of boats & yachts using sustainability and green technology by Philadelphia Solar Panels to be pioneer in their fields; Designed for the PV/Solar market & Marine applications. Also offering a complete line of High-Rate and Maintenance Saver batteries for photovoltaic use. Get in touch, we will help you get the right battery type.



SMART GYRO situated in La Spezia is a real Italian start-up which has developed a range of gyro stabilizers for boats from 12 up to 30 meters and can also be mounted on larger boats, installing more units in parallel.Over the years research into various systems, many from military origins and a team of specialists in electronics, mechanics, software and structural analysis has made considerable progress, and today the use of gyroscopic stabilizers is one of the few truly new developments in modern sailing. Our technology will give you total stability both at anchor and underway, giving greater pleasure and safety on board by transforming your boat from a rolling to a stable craft, and making your experience perfect.



DOCKING MASTER is the next generation advancement from the hard-wired remote controls. It facilitates the range of movement while you are anywhere in your boat. With this small “Wireless Remote Control”, now the captain can be down on the deck while the yacht is approaching and leaving the dock, expanding his vision, awareness and simplifying the docking procedure. A design patented and certified leading-edge – “Wireless Remote Control System” that enables you to control all of your yacht’s basic maneuvering and mooring functions at the touch of a button!



XTL MARINE since 2012, our commitment, professionalism and personal services have made us the leading yacht solution provider in the GCC region. XTL MARINE operates through five divisions offering the following services; Yacht Service/Brokerage/Yacht Management/Valeting & Marine Products. XTL MARINE diverse team boasts immeasurable years of experience within the marine industry offering you options, solutions and customize to your wishes. XTL MARINE technical services range from engineering and electronics, to fabrication, painting, upholstery and carpentry. Whether your yacht requires repairs, upgrades, engines, maintenance or a special detailed service, we have the skills to deliver a service to suit. XTL MARINE also offers a comprehensive range of international marine products from Italy. France, Germany, UK & US.  XTL MARINE, focused on offering access to a diverse and complete product offering coupled with quality service that makes a difference in our projects a success.

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