XTL MARINE has been named DOCKING MASTERS preferred supplier for ‘wireless remote control systems’

  • February 19, 2017



With XTL MARINE increased customer demand, we are pleased to partner with DOCKING MASTER expert team to better serve our customers and expand our high level of professional and expert service. DOCKING MASTER wireless remote allows a vessel’s captain to control the yacht’s gears, bow and stern thrusters and anchor from anywhere on board, eliminating all sight line problems. Jose Luis Rodriguez, owner and CEO has successful in upwards of 1000 wireless docking controller units’ installations in more than 14 countries under his belt and has been delighted to hear the overwhelming positive results from customers


“The yacht market demands continual progress and innovative technologies, and we are pleased to introduce DOCKING MASTER promising a complete automatic program selection in the palm of your hand.” Says Mr Neeraj Kumar – Director at XTL MARINE. Uniesse Americas, Marlow Marine, Altima Yachts, Sun Seeker USA and many others are customers of DOCKING MASTER wireless control system. Thrusting the unmistakable wireless maneuvering system DOCKING MASTER with unparalleled mach on reliability, Quality and Workmanship.



Docking Master is the next generation advancement from the hard-wired remote controls. A design patented and certified leading-edge – “Wireless Remote Control System” that enables you to control all of your yacht’s basic maneuvering and mooring functions at the touch of a button! Docking Master frees you from the bridge, allowing you to safely step away from the controls to grab a rope, or re position a fender. Docking Master’s ergonomic, waterproof handheld transmitter (smaller than a standard TV remote) gives you the freedom to check every corner of your boat without ever losing touch with your thrusters, anchor winch and main engine shifters. Best of all, it operates from anywhere you are on board!


It is important to clarify that as a result of the convergence of technologies the Docking Master device was designed with the maximum of simplicity and efficiency by a team of highly experienced 6XX engineers who put this product through severe and rigorous testing on many different types of vessels to ensure top performance and dependability in any marine environment.


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