TF MARINE: XTL Marine Announced as Our Newest Distributor

  • March 17, 2016

tf marine


XTL MARINE has agreed to be the exclusive dealer of TF MARINE – marine equipment and machinery for the areas of the UAE territory. XTL Marine is a leading supplier in all types of marine products, also a leader in repair and refit. TF Marine is delighted to have XTL Marine represent its unique and innovative marine equipment and machinery. As Mr Neeraj Kumar – Director of XTL Marine explains “TF Marine distributes top quality machinery and equipments to the most prestigious shipyards. With the arrival of TF Marine, we continue to be able to work with the very best in the business and strive to provide the best options for our client’s unique needs in the Marine Industry.”

About TF Marine
Fluid Technology for Marine Application; Located in Tuscany – Italy , TF Marine, manufactured and produced in Italy offers top-quality marine equipment and machinery. Developed through years of experience and expertise is how perfection is tailored. TF Marine products are engineered for under rough conditions at sea; you can be assured of high quality, reliable performance and extreme efficiency.
When one is to buy a boat or a yacht – it is not only about how good its interior and exterior design is but most importantly what equipment and machinery it has to keep it running at its best. Having the right pumps, fans and water pressure systems helps us ensure our customers are not going to get into strife when they are cruising. TF Marine solutions are specifically designed for all maritime tasks and requirements.TF marine also offers you to customize your pump or wps. The company’s providing custom and special products to quality shipyards and discerning clients around the world.
Our wide range consists of El/Pumps boat range from 12m to 70m, Water Pressure Systems, El/ Fans, Water Heaters, Dampers, Control Panels and Accessories. TF USES BRONZE IMPELLERS – anti rust and are specifically for the MARINE ENVIRONMENT.
For further information, please contact
T + 971 4 324 2422

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