SMARTGYRO yacht stabilizer maker signs deal with XTL MARINE.

  • February 15, 2017

SMARTGYRO, Italian manufacturer of stabilization systems has signed an agreement with XTL MARINE to represent its products in the Middle East. The distributorship will be announced during the 25th Anniversary Dubai International Boat Show 2017.  SMARTGYRO offers an innovative applications which can suit every need in the boating industry from small sail and motorboats to superyachts. SMARTGYRO is designed to maximize roll reduction across almost all weather conditions, while guaranteeing safe operation in even the most powerful sea conditions.

Mr Neeraj Kumar – Director at XTL MARINE explains: “It’s unbelievable the stability you get with SMARTGYRO. It ease the problems by reducing resonant boat roll up to 95%, whether the craft is underway, trolling, or at zero speed. Our partnership with SMARTGYRO allows us to continue to deliver the best boating experiences to our customers and in making this commitment to SMARTGYRO, XTL MARINE now offer enhanced comfort and safety to its boat customers. SMARTGYRO, is a truly amazing product and we’re proud to be dealers”


SMARTGYRO situated in La Spezia is a real Italian start-up which has developed a range of gyro stabilizers for boats from 12 up to 30 meters and can also be mounted on larger boats, installing more units in parallel. Over the years research into various systems, many from military origins and a team of specialists in electronics, mechanics, software and structural analysis has made considerable progress, and today the use of gyroscopic stabilisers is one of the few truly new developments in modern sailing. Our technology will give you total stability both at anchor and underway, giving greater pleasure and safety on board by transforming your boat from a rolling to a stable craft, and making your experience perfect. You can solve all your problems with rolling and pitching by using the Smartgyro stabilizer

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