Loxx by Schaffertec


The former pen accessories division of Prym Inovan GmbH has been operating under the name Schaeffertec since October 2008. Founded by a management buy-out, the company has returned to its roots. After all, pen accessories and the special Tenax/LOXX fasteners have been produced under the Schaeffer name for decades.

Schaeffertec sees itself as a solutions provider. That’s why we always strive to provide technical advice on the spot, fast sampling, punctual delivery and customer-oriented service.

14 employees work at our new 2,000 square meters manufacturing facility in Sprockhövel (10 km away from Wuppertal, Germany). Our unique production techniques in the areas of stamping/bending, hardening and surface treatment ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility for our customers.

For more info , visit us: www.loxx.biz